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Most of our training begins at our home base.
WB Stables is a great place to start your training. interested to train with us?


A few times a year I make some time in my show schedule to give some clinics all over the world. Contact me for more information.

Buying / selling horses

We have always some talented show horses at our stable. For amateurs and professionals, WBS is the place to start your new journey.

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Global coverage

We have lots of experience in selling horses all over the world. We are happy to assist you from your newly bought horse at our stable to your house.

Free coffee

You are always welcome at our barn in the Netherlands. In the neighborhood? Visit us and grab a cup of coffee!


We are a big barn in Europe, but we know we can't explore the world on our own. We like to collaborate with people all over the world; Trainers, barn owners, breeders, resellers and sponsors.

Show schedule

  • 24 till 27 February CSI
  • 14 till 17 February CSI
  • 6 till 10 March CSI
  • 21 till 24 March CSI
  • 4 till 7 April CSI
  • 11 till 14 April CSI
  • 25 till 28 April NK Mierlo
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Who am i

Kevin Beerse (Leeuwarden, 13 June 1993) is a Dutch show jumping rider.

Before the age of 14 he never rode horses. Soccer, tennis and swimming where his main hobbies after school. He wanted to be a pilot.

At the age of 14 Kevin started to ride a pony, mostly in the early mornings of late evenings. When there where not many people in the barn. 

The number of horses grew, at the age of 18 he finished school and joint his father Wilfred at the barn. He liked horses so much that he made his job out of it. Today he combines his passion and work together as professional show jumper.

Beerse won his first big international prize at 16 December 2016 with Camelot. 

  • International show jumper
  • Private pilot
  • Dutch


About WB Stables

In the north of Holland, just 70 minutes from Amsterdam, depending on the speed you’re driving, lays a village called Warga. Around 1500 people, two windmills and one massif horse farm, WB Stables.

WB Stables is run by Kevin and his dad Wilfred Beerse. 

Before this beautiful facility was build, Wilfred and his wife ran a barn in the middle of a city called Leeuwarden. It was a stable with lots of ponies and horses, and riding lessons was the main business of the day.

Wilfred started buying and training sport horses to an international level. And after successful years in the sport, eventually selling the horses.

After more than 20 years running a barn with riding lessons and some sport horses, Wilfred decided to focus more on sport horses. So in 2007 he build a very nice stable just outside “the big” city, Wilfred Beerse Stables was born.

With a lot more space inside and around the stable, it was a perfect spot to focus on the international show jumping market.

Today WB Stables offers place to more than 90 horses. 45 of those boxes are reserved for his own show horses. Equestrian, hunters and show jumpers. From the age of 4 till 12, ready to fly around the world to his or her new owner.

The rest of the boxes is for boarders and frisian horses. As you may know frisian horses are selling all over the world with there beautiful black coats and long manes.

Wilfred Beerse Stables host this beautiful frisians and trains them for breeders in Europe.

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